Sometime last year, Soulja Boy figured out how to game the media, and he hasn't looked back since. Today, he continues the "Hit 'Em With Draco" saga, announcing his next album title to be -- you guessed it -- Draco.

According to an Instagram post, the album will arrive on February 21, 2017. The cover features Soulja Boy holding... yeah, you get the idea. A second post suggests that the project will be a retail release, with physical copies being sold in stores.

Soulja Boy's infamous Vlad TV interview in which he dramatically describes the night he shot of a home invader has contributed to the rapper's association with the "draco" firearm, though he's been rapping about the gun for a while. More recently, he's gone as far as making Draco t-shirts, and released a diss aimed at Chris Brown and 50 Cent"Hit Em With The Draco."

Speaking of Soulja's beef with Chris Brown, the last we heard, Soulja was preparing to take on the production of their proposed boxing match himself. According to the rapper, the event will take place in March.