Soulja Boy recently shocked the rap world by claiming that he had signed a deal worth $400 million. If a good percentage of that sum makes it into Soulja's pockets, he'll be one of the richest men in hip-hop. He had said that certain major news outlets would soon be breaking the story on his massive deal, though no further information had become available until now. Well, no details of the deal have been officially confirmed, but Soulja may have provided some insight as to whom his new deal is with.

Earlier today, Soulja posted an Instagram picture of himself shaking hands with Alki David, a Greek billionaire who is the CEO of FilmOn, an Internet-based streaming service that provides online access to a multitude of TV channels, movies, and more. There also seems to be something of a record label being operated out of FilmOn. The company has already had one major rap signing, and that was Chief Keef in spring of last year. 

FilmOn released both installments of last year's Bang 3 album, and the company tried (and failed) to host a Chief Keefhologram show on multiple occasions. In November, the label began experiencing difficulties with Keef. FilmOn first suspended him for going on tour without the label's approval, and a few weeks later, FilmOn filed a multimillion lawsuit against Keef's management company. 

"I'm in the fam," wrote Soulja on Instagram, tagging David in the picture. David also shared a picture of the two of them and wrote, "@Soulja Boy is in the fam @filmontv." 

That sounds like confirmation of a deal in place between Soulja and FilmOn, though it's unclear if it's the $4,000,000 deal that Soulja announced a week ago. It's certainly the top contender. David has a reputation for being a daring and controversial businessman, and his new deal with Soulja will likely be as unorthodox as the one has with Sosa.