It was over 10 years ago when Drake was a babyfaced freshman in the game, Lil Wayne was still reigning supreme, and hip-hop was shifting in a new direction. In a post-Tha Carter III-world, Wayne was hosting shows in massive stadiums and arenas on several tours but nothing quite summed up the latter half of the mid-aughts like the America's Most Wanted tour which boasted acts like Jeezy and Soulja Boy for the line-up.

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The tour had many memorable moments but perhaps it was Drake's infamous fall where he re-injured his leg that caught the world's attention. During our recent interview with Soulja Boy, he reflected on that particular moment on tour when he was asked which memory stood out to him the most.

"Man, when Drake broke his fucking ankle! That n***a broke his leg or some shit. I didn’t know what the fuck was going on! I was like, ‘What the fuck? The n***a Drake was on stage rapping and this n***a slipped or some shit and broke his whole ankle," he recounted. " It ain’t funny, man. Drake gon’ see this and get mad at me. See how they do me, Drake, in these interviews. That’s what really happened, though. You really slipped and broke your shit, bro. I don’t know. He was really in a wheelchair! He was already in a wheelchair on the TV show, then he slipped onstage and he was in a -- I was like, ‘what the fuck?’"

Drake's issues with his leg have remained a burden over the past decade of his career. Last fall, the rapper, once again, had to undergo surgery which delayed the release of Certified Lover Boy.

"Aye, but it’s not funny, though but he’s okay. He was okay. He got up and walked away. Shout out to Drake. Damn, why that have to be one of the memories? But that was one of the memories. We was all like, ‘What the fuck? This n***a Drake just fell on stage.’ He really fell, though. I don’t know if he slipped on some ice or some shit," he explained. "That n***a slipped hard as hell. That shit went viral before viral."

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Elsewhere in the interview, Draco explained why he's always going at Drizzy, in reference to the "What's Next" rapper's shout out to Bow Wow earlier this year. "I was just poking a little fun. Having a little fun, like, ‘C’mon, man. You know what’s going on Drake. Stop playing with me, boy.’ But it’s all love. Shout out to Drake and to Bow Wow," he said. 

Peep our interview with Soulja Boy here or watch the video below.