It's honestly one of the most unexpected beefs of 2021, yet the war of words between Big Draco and The Viper continues nevertheless. Like many beefs these days, Soulja Boy and Randy Orton's public disparaging of each another began with one tweet, in which Soulja Boy labeled the rap game "faker than WWE." Naturally, some WWE stars like the 14-time world champion Randy Orton caught wind of the Soulja World rapper's tweet and proceeded to call him out on Twitter. 

Now, weeks later, the tension between Soulja Boy and Randy Orton doesn't look like it's going to simmer down anytime soon, as watchful fans have shared snippets from one of Soulja Boy's live streams, in which the rapper continues to taunt and belittle the WWE star with an onslaught of shots. At the start of the video, Big Draco confirms that his problem isn't with everyone in the WWE. After giving props to The Rock, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, and John Cena, he proceeds to deem Randy Orton a "b*tch a** n*gga" while directly responding to Orton's initial clap back at the "ZaZa" rapper. 

"This n*gga talkin' about baby mamas. I ain't got no kids, n*gga! The f*ck is you talkin' about, stupid a** boy?" Soulja Boy says before claiming that Orton took his WWE tweet way out of context. "You know what the f*ck I meant, n*gga. The WWE is fake. You blew that sh*t all out of context."

"I'll come to the WWE and smack the sh*t out of you," the rapper continues. "I've made millions and millions of dollars. I don't even know you, n*gga! Randy organ -- n*gga, f*ck outta here."

In typical Big Draco fashion, however, the rapper doesn't stop there, and he continues to roasting the wrestling champion, specifically regarding Orton's go-to costume, saying, "I can't wrestle with a n*gga that wears leather thongs!"

"N*gga wanna yell at me in his underwear," Soulja Boy says, mocking Randy Orton. "'SOLDIER, COME HERE!' N*gga? Bow! Get yo stupid a**!"

Is this a W for Big Draco or is he simply digging a deeper whole for himself at this point?