At the beginning of this year, Soulja Boy remained an afterthought to most. A few days went by and suddenly, he was the biggest thing on the internet again. All it took were a few viral videos and people started paying attention to him. The power of the internet is unrivalled. His most recent stunt involved teaming up with Blac Chyna to troll his initial target, Tyga. Obviously, Chyna was on board given her rocky relationship with the "Girls Have Fun" rapper. 

Soulja and Chyna appeared to be in a relationship, even spending Valentine's Day together and buying tons of gifts for the other. However, it was revealed that they were merely trolling Tyga before catching real feelings. It appears as though they've both laid their relationship to rest because Big Draco is already claiming a new woman on social media.

Before he started dating Blac Chyna, Soulja Boy was linked to Tiona Fernan and now, they're Instagram official. They've each added the other to their bios and have posted photos to their proper accounts. Tiona is an Instagram model who appears to have caught Draco's eye because he is already claiming that he loves her. In his post of Fernan rocking lingerie, he wrote, "I love you." Things move quickly when your name is Soulja Boy.