Plenty of people pay tribute to their favorite artists through tattoos, but Drake fans tend to take it to the next level. Who can forget the painful-looking forehead tattoo we saw on a woman a few years back, hell, even King Louie has been pretty liberal with his OVO face tats, considering there's been no official word on whether he's signed to the label.

When Drizzy's new mixtape dropped last week, we knew a couple stans were already planning out a concept for the ink, but one guy has certainly taken the prize for both speed and placement of the tattoo, with an image circulating today.

While the identity of the fan is unknown, he (or possibly she) has had the title of the project emblazoned on the back of his neck, of course, giving the title a whole new meaning. So far Drake has yet to respond, but we really hope he does.

Sure, the tape is good, but is it THAT good? Let us know in the comments.