If you think of the funniest people on Instagram, Snoop Dogg has to be one of the names that come to your mind. Rivalling him is 50 Cent, his close friend, who uses the social medium to troll his enemies, friends, and anybody in between. With the ESPN Body Issue welcoming all types of athletes to step out of their comfort zone, posing in the nude for millions of people to view on magazine covers. Chris Paul is included in this year's edition and apparently, Uncle Snoop felt a little left out.

Harry How/BIG3 via Getty Images

The lovable legend from the West Coast imagined himself on the cover, using his photo editing skills to place himself inside of the iconic image. In the photo, Snoop lights up a blunt (typical) and holds a football in one hand (a little less typical) while he shows off his muscles in his birthday suit (completely atypical.) The fake image features a headline that reads: "Drop your drawers like it's hot." 

Maybe Snoop Dogg should have his internet privileges taken away for the remainder of the day. We're sure there's a lot of people who wished they had never come across the photo when they were scrolling through their feed this morning. Do you think this is enough for Snoop to get a legitimate spot next year?