49 isn't a particularly special birthday, but in the world of West Coast rap legend Snoop Dogg things are rarely done in a particular manner. For his latest orbit around the sun, Snoop was hooked up lovingly with a super decked-out Xbox Series X care package that's pretty much the envy of any true gamer out there.

Snoop Dogg Xbox Series X fridge cake chain 49th Birthday
Images: M. Caulfield/WireImage for PMK/HBH

Given to him for being "The Xbox OG" as the company wrote out on his Xbox Series X-shaped birthday cake, the Doggystyle emcee truly got a present that was one of one. Included with the cake were Xbox logo chains and some of his favorite perishables packed into a fridge that, yes, was shaped like a Xbox Series X. Snoop can definitely wear the title as an "Xbox OG" though, as you can see in the photo above taken in 2005 at a Los Angeles launch party for the Xbox 360 that he helped host along with actor Wilmer Valderrama and former Black Eyed Peas front woman Fergie. He looks to be getting the ultimate swag bag(s) then and things clearly haven't changed in the 15 years that've passed. In addition to helping a hip-hop legend celebrate his birthday the right way, we can't help but consider this is the perfect PR move on Xbox's part given that the next level console's release date is right around the corner. Don't miss out when the Xbox Series X is released on November 10, y'all!

Check out the gift below, and we hope "Tha Doggfather" enjoys an amazing 49th birthday week. Happy C-Day, Uncle Snoop!