Snoop Dogg is much more than just a rapper these days. He's established himself as an actor, businessman, and even a talk show host at this point. But none of those accomplishments have actually overshadowed Snoop Dogg as an emcee. His music career in hip-hop opened the doors so he could experiment with funk, gospel, and reggae but still, he's regarded as one of the best rappers alive. Needless to say, he's a legend in his own right. 

Earlier this week, a viral top 50 rappers list emerged and sparked reactions across the hip-hop community. Snoop Dogg was placed at 34 on the list, right after Jeezy. While many might argue that Snoop's a better MC than the Atlanta rapper, it doesn't seem like Snoop will actually waste any breath addressing the list. "Only list I'm worried about bring on is the @Forbes," read a post he shared on his Instagram page. At the end of the day, there really isn't any point to giving credibility to a viral list penned by an unknown author. Nor is there really a reason to acknowledge it as valid.

Even if Snoop's listed in the 30s, he's still dropping new music as a rapper to this day. Over the past month and some change, he's released serveral new singles including "I Wanna Thank Myself" and "Let Bygones Be Bygones" which he released earlier today.