Those who thought ScHoolboy Q's clowning of A$AP Rocky "the underwear model" was a one-time occurrence, think again. Once again A$AP Rocky's most recent ad campaign for Calvin Klein has drawn the attention of the TDE rapper, who has demonstrated absolutely no aversion to playing a "tough guy" role.  

ScHoolboy's Instagram response accounted for the billboard advertisement which shows A$AP Mob leader in a something of an eagle spread. This woulnd't be the first time ScHoolboy has "taken offense" to A$AP Rocky modeling Calvin Klein's trademark "tighty whiteys." Back in September of 2018, Q challenged A$AP Rocky to lose his phone number after he bore witness to the initial Calvin campaign. This time around, Q's message was no different, except in this instance, he attributes Rocky's prolonged exploits as an underwear model to the sport of "golfing" taking precedence over his other leisurely pastimes - Golfing an obvious reference to Tyler's GolfWang imprint.

ScHoolboy Q didn't stop at that, as another playful rib showed up on his Instagram storyboard within minutes of the original posting. Q's position unchanged: he promised to never again collaborate with the camera-happy rapper. Q also declared his model-friend booted from the Mob on "good authority" from the other co-chairs with legislative powers. Something tells me a potshot or two from an austere character like ScHoolboy Q isn't going to prevent Mr. Pretty Flacko from delving further into character.