Saucy Santana is known for his charismatic social media persona that has earned recognition outside of just his music. It seems like he's ready to capitalize on this more and could score what may be one of the biggest hits of the summer. The Love & Hip Hop: Miami star shared a preview of a high-energy exciting new remix of his viral hit "Walk" featuring none other than Fatman Scoop. 

In an Instagram post shared to his account on Friday (April 23), the 27-year-old Miami-bred artist shared a brand new remix of his single "Walk," featuring Fatman Scoop. A staple in 00s hip-hop known for his distinct rough and raw voice, he lends his vocals to the remix of the viral hit. 

"It's time to do the walk follow me! Walk like Naomi, walk like Beyonce, walk like Ms. Obama, walk like Rihanna," says Scoop in the opening of the new remix. Sharing a clip of himself serving his best vogue catwalk, Santana penned in the caption, "Fenna WALK y’all ass right into summertime! S/O [Fatman Scoop]!! Let's gooo." 

The bounce-filled beat shines through as Scoop's recognizable vocals can be heard layered in the chorus as well. Originally released back in 2020, the song has experienced a new wave of success due to TikTok virality via the "Walk Challenge." 

His biggest hit to date, Saucy Santana's other hits include the strip-club ready banger "Up & Down" featuring Mulatto and his playful track "Walk Em Like a Dog." 

Let us know if you'll be streaming the Fatman Scoop "Walk" remix down in the comments!