Earlier this week, it came to light that Sabrina Claudio was the owner of a Twitter account responsible for sending out posts deemed  being as derogatory against black women. Naturally, Twitter did its thing and the Miami-bred singer-songwriter was forced to reckon with the demeaning comments she had made back in 2012 prior to establishing her career. While she was slow to act, she eventually put out a brief apology on Twitter under her official account, deleting the old one.

Most critics weren’t too pleased with Claudio’s apology and Friday, she took to Instagram to deliver on a lengthier post, issuing a second statement on the situation.

“I'm sorry for not saying something sooner. I'm sorry for the short, straight to the point apology I posted on Twitter,” she wrote. “I've made many mistakes in my life. Many that have happened when I was young, lost and did not know who I was as an individual. Ones that have no excuse. Time doesn't matter, whether it was six years ago or two minutes ago. It was still wrong. The words I used then are not who I was or who I am today.”

She went on to add her condemnation of discrimination and the tearing down of other women, suggesting that her music is created in direct contrast to such things.

“Yes, I made ignorant comments that I regret. But to make this clear, I never had an account dedicated to taking down women. It breaks my heart knowing that this rumor has been created and is being spread out […] Discrimination in any form no matter who it's directed to is not acceptable. […] My music is dedicated to empowering women...empowering all people for that matter. It's what I represent. It's what I’m proud of most. I am so different than what I'm being painted out to be. But it's my fault that you all feel the way you do. I am willing to prove to you who I really am.”

Recently, she dropped off two new singles, including the Khalid-assisted “Don’t Let Me Down.” Soon enough, though, this controversy managed to eclipse it all. Read her full statement down below.