Rob Gronkowski's legacy as one of the best tight ends to ever play the game has already been cemented, even if his career didn't last as long as we wish it did. Even though the Patriots are an easy team to hate, Gronk always kept them fun and entertaining and seemed to be the bright spot of the dark side of the force. Having said that, Gronkowski is enjoying retirement right now and educating the youth about some of the dangers that plague the sport.

Gronkowski is by no means discouraging kids from playing football, instead, he just wants them to understand some of the risks that are involved. In a new interview with CBS News, Gronk had some interesting revelations about his injury history.

"I truly believe any injury that you receive is fixable though. I went through it. I had 9 surgeries," Gronk explained. "Probably had like 20 concussions in my life, like, no lie. I remember 5, like, blackout ones."

With admissions like these, it's hard to imagine Gronk wanting to make a comeback. He's been joking about doing such a thing lately, although it really seems unlikely at this point. CTE has been a huge concern over the last few years and receiving more concussions would put Gronk at risk.