Rob Gronkowski is easily one of the best tight ends to ever play the game of football and after winning his third Super Bowl, he announced his retirement from the game. The Patriots legend has sustained multiple injuries throughout his career so he figured it would be smart to put a stop to it. Despite this, there have been multiple rumors that he would want to come back to the NFL. These rumors were magnified further when it was revealed that he worked out with Tom Brady on Monday during a trip to UCLA.

TMZ caught up with the Super Bowl-champion and asked him how it went. According to Gronk, Brady needed someone to throw passes to and Rob seemed like the perfect option at the time. 

"It was great working out," Gronk said. "Tom needs someone to throw to so, you know, he calls Mr. Reliable Robbie G the one and only!"

Gronk didn't really let on to the fact that he might be coming back, although he has said in the past that he wants to see how he feels once the season starts before contemplating a return. If Gronk does come back, the Patriots will surely be a powerhouse again considering just how impossible he is to tackle.