Last week, Lauren London publicly reacted to her boyfriend's passing by posting an emotional message on her social media profiles. Loving messages have continued to pour into her inbox as the entertainer takes some much needed time to process all that has happened in the last two weeks. Just days before Nipsey Hussle was fatally shot, the two were the subject of a GQ spread celebrating their love. Hussle loved to show off his girl and often, they would make headlines because of fan speculation that they were getting married. Rihanna has been shaken up about the death of the Los Angeles legend and today, she furthered her support of Lauren London by sharing a beautiful gallery of images of the couple together.

"I'm so sorry @laurenlondon," wrote Rihanna as her caption, adding blue heart emojis on the side. With NAO's "Another Lifetime" playing in the background, RiRi gathered a series of images of Nipsey and Lauren together, putting them all into a touching video and reminding everybody of just how close the two were. Rihanna and Nipsey's fans have been reacting in the comments section, praising the singer for doing all that she can to keep Hussle's legacy alive

She previously penned a sad message, saying that she "can't believe" that somebody would take Nipsey away from us. Rihanna is among many to have spoken out about the rapper's death. View the collage below.