Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London are still going strong and after being spotted on set of a photo shoot, with a white horse and all, it led many to believe that they may have gotten engaged. TMZ got its hands on some photos that really do look like the couple has rung the wedding bell, but it was simply a false alarm. 

Once the photos were put in the hands of the public, Nipsey's representative assured the publication that the shoot is for an upcoming GQ spread, and the couple are not engaged. This isn't the first time such rumors had to be put to rest. Before the new year, Lauren hopped on Instagram to let everyone know she's still got her last name after Nipsey referred to her as his "wife."

"I'm not married y'all. Chillllll," she wrote. 

“I know that I don’t really give a lot, so people don’t really know how to perceive me,” Lauren previously stated, when discussing her privacy.

“There’s not enough out there to really know who I am. I’ve heard that people think I’m [a] goody two-shoes, the girl around the way, which is fine because those are pieces of me that are true, but I’m human and [she cranked her attitude up a few notches] I’m not going to pretend to be anything else other than that.”