Cardi B has rapidly risen in hip-hop's master hierarchy to become one of the world's most recognizable emcees. Due in large part to her single "Bodak Yellow," this new-found fame has meant that other music celebrities are taking notice of the former reality TV sensation's stature within the rap community. One of those high-profile names is Rihanna, who showed her support of the song and the woman behind via a fun video that she shared on social media.

Posting the clip to her Instagram page, RiRi treats us to a video of a young girl, still young enough to be sitting in a car seat, who is singing along to the track as it plays out of a car stereo system. The caption reads "me af," which has been taken to mean that the R&B empress is in full-on karaoke mode when she's put in a similar situation. With adorable green eyes and an extremely cute demeanor, the tiny rapper-to-be is the star here, melting the hearts of all those who turned up in Rihanna's comment section. Seriously now - can we acknowledge just how good her rapping abilities are for someone at such a young age. I'm not sure how talented you were as a kid, but I certainly wasn't able to spit bars like she is. A budding protege? Maybe Rihanna is about to take her under her wing, who knows. Regardless, props to the girl in the video for laying it down proper to "Bodak Yellow."

As the song continues to gain steam - it was officially remixed with Kodak Black earlier this week - Cardi B's public profile continues to grow in leaps and bounds. However, that doesn't mean it's all been positive experiences for her as of late. According to a report we published earlier today (September 20th), Cardi says that she was assaulted by a police officer who allegedly put her in a choke hold. “I can’t believe this cop put me on a choke hole just now shit is crazy these NY cops don't know how to do they job FUCK 12,” she tweeted out on Tuesday. Unfortunately, there may also be a bigoted streak in the aggressor. One of Cardi's fans asked if the officer in question was white, to which she responded: "Yeup [sic] he was," in another tweet that she has since deleted. You can read the entire story here.