Not everything on your feed has to deal with the coronavirus. There's a general lack of flexing on the 'gram right now because... well... we ain't really going outside. However, Rick Ross has us all covered though because he's still very rich and he's still very much interested in portraying that to the world.

As we all practice another day of social distancing through self-quarantine, Rick Ross decided to brighten our spirits by maintaining his hustler's mentality, spending racks on another new whip. At this point, we don't really even want to know how many times the Bawse has purchased a new Maybach for himself. He named his own label imprint after the car brand, so his love for the sophisticated whip is clear. Even in the midst of a global pandemic, he's still riding around in the hottest wheels.

Rick Ross Maybach
Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

"My New 2020 Maybach 650 juss landed," wrote the rapper on his Instagram page, shouting out his car plug.

This week, Rick Ross celebrated his daughter's eighteenth birthday, wishing her the best in a public message. Since we're all basically confined to our spaces for the foreseeable future, we're not sure where Rozay plans on stunting in the new whip but, for now, his driveway is enough of a flex.