LeBron James offered the perfect post-game response after a heckler was escorted from her courtside seats for yelling at the superstar, saying that he didn't agree with the decision to remove her from the arena and that he enjoys having fans back in attendance. He later went on to joke that "Courtside Karen was MAD MAD" on Twitter. 

The incident took place during the Lakers/Hawks game in Atlanta on Monday night, which saw the defending champs celebrate another victory on the road. However, one of the moments that everyone is talking about pertains to Courtside Karen and her actions, heckling LeBron James with her husband before #23 retaliated. He reportedly told them both to "sit the f*ck down", which only caused more anger from them. Courtside Karen, who removed her mask during the debacle, has been trending on Twitter as people react to the situation, including Rick Ross, who chimed in by clowning the woman.

"Oxygen actually travels thru her nostrils? Applause @kingjames," wrote Rick Ross on Instagram, cracking a joke about the Karen. 

People have been talking a lot about the woman who was supposedly defending her husband, branding her a "Walmart Kardashian" and making fun of her appearance. They're also talking at length about her mask removal, hoping that the referees nearby weren't exposed to her.

What do you think about the Courtside Karen situation? Do you think fans should be allowed back into the arenas?