Kameron Carter was born to Lil Wayne and Lauren London in September 2009. After their split, he grew up in both of their respective families as they co-parented him to become a successful young man. Turning eleven-years-old today, his older sister Reginae Carter took to social media to share a new picture of Kam, wishing him a happy "Killa Day."

"Happy birthday to my little brother Kam," wrote Reginae on Instagram. "Love you."

In the picture, Kam throws up West Side and wears an unbuttoned shirt, showing off his Nipsey Hussle tribute chain. The eleven-year-old grew up with Nipsey serving as a father figure in his life, taking care of Kam during his long-term relationship with Lauren London. 

As the fans always do, people are commenting about how Kam and Weezy are basically twins. They share so many of the same facial similarities that, every time a picture of Kam gets posted online, people go nuts.

With Kam celebrating his big day today, he's also likely getting back to school, which is an unfortunate part of this time of the year. Still, we're sure his classmates are (hopefully) giving him socially-distant birthday wishes.

Happy birthday, Kam! Here's to many more. 

Do you think he and Wayne look the same?