The Toronto Raptors are gearing up for their first ever NBA Finals appearance and the whole city is on the verge of erupting with excitement. Tons of fans have already gathered at "Jurassic Park" ahead of tonight's 9pm tipoff, while other ticket holders are currently counting down the seconds until the doors open at Scotiabank Arena for Game 1.

And then there's this Raptors fan, who paid a visit to the Golden State Warriors' team hotel at 3am to light off a pack of fireworks while screaming out, "Fuck Steph Curry!"

Toronto will need more than a couple of fireworks in the middle of the night to deter the Warriors in their quest for a third straight NBA title - especially now that DeMarcus Cousins has been ruled active - but it's a start.

Curry has been on an absolute tear ever since Kevin Durant went down with an injury during the Conference Semifinals. He averaged a playoff series career-high 36.5 points to go along with 8.3 rebounds and 7.3 assists in the four games against Portland in the Western Conference Finals, all while shooting 46.9% from the floor and 42.6% from behind the arc.

Game 1, airing on ABC, is set to tipoff at 9pm ET tonight.