Much of Rae Sremmurd's fact sheet is subject to contradictory statements. What they say in one interview doesn't always compute with a narrative they seem to make up at will. When they debuted on the scene, many of us thought they were mere teenagers. Later on Swae revealed his age to be 28. The truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. 

Their most recent appearance on the Breakfast Club was far more indulgent than the expected hype-job Sremmlife 3 was bound to receive on the day of its release. Rae Sremmurd are regarded as friends of the program, so much so that they indulged in a blunt while conversing with the hosts. Slim Jxmmi asked the panel for an honest description of cheating. In his self-reflexive world, his encounters with groupies are straight to the point. He brought up the unavoidable ethical questions relating to his lifestyle, adding that sometimes his female suitors think "they be in a relationship with you, but do you be in a relationship with them."

Swae Lee was unapologetic when he said that groupie who bring "bad vibes" at Sremmurd parties are often ejected with immediate effect. When it comes to vague relationships, Slim Jxmmi believes that "I Love Yous" are detrimental to the cause. That didn't stop him from casually mentioning the arrival of his first child with an unspecified baby mother. The group confided in their business interests outside of hip hop: investment in marijuana stocks. On the lighter side, the brothers recounted a situation in which their pet Monkey defecated on a woman's bra during a sexual encounter. Go listen to Sremmurd 3 immediately.