Just yesterday we posted on reports of Questlove apparently "demanding" that two cameramen get fired from NBC's Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon after they received a racist text message from a stagehand on a taping of an episode. 

Kurt Decker and Michael Cimino, the two men that were fired, received the unknown message in a group chat that also included The Roots’ Mark Kelley. Kurt and Michael reported the unsolicited content to NBC executives where they were fired. The duo who lost their jobs blamed Questlove for their firing and even sued him, where the musician denies having anything to do with them losing their job. 

A rep for Quest tells TMZ: "Racism is REAL and exists throughout the world and for these gentlemen to claim victim is not only disrespectful to Questlove and his bandmates, but to all that truly endure racism on a daily basis."

NBC also tells the publication that the decision to let the two cameramen go was their choice "alone," adding: "NBC is committed to providing a work environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. We have strong policies in place that protect against discrimination in any form. The decision about these plaintiffs was the company's alone."