Hennessy is one of rap's favorite alcoholic beverages. Rappers have been rhyming about the cognac brand for years but one artist is officially removing it from his vocabulary, explaining why on Twitter.

"My Folks Need To Stop Drinkin Hennessy," wrote Quavo on social media this morning. The Migos member went on to explain his decision as to why he was giving up the Henny. "They Don’t Fuck Wit Us," he continued. "No mo Rapping about Henny. The Martell Way Is How I’m Coming and They Appreciate It Better! Martell Blue Swift!"

It isn't all too surprising to see Quavo side with Martell. After all, he did sign an exclusive partnership with the cognac brand in December 2018. However, his message speaks volumes to the LVMH-owned Hennessy.

Some people are supporting the Henny-less way of life in his replies, but others are preaching that they'll never give up the drink. One person said: "N***as still rock Gucci you think they finna kick the Hen???"

This ties to Quavo's argument that Hennessy (and LVMH in general) does not care about its Black market base. With social issues at a high point in America, small decisions like this can make a pretty large impact, hurting the pockets of the companies that do not see race equity as a priority and pushing them to actually do something of note to bring back their loyal customers.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Will you be shifting away from Henny or does Quavo's word not mean much to you?