Powers Pleasant Breaks Down "Please Forgive" With Denzel Curry, IDK & More

Alex Zidel
October 25, 2019 12:00

Powers Pleasant explains how he got Denzel Curry, IDK, ZillaKami and Zombie Juice on the same song.

Powers Pleasant's track "Please Forgive" is anything but a traditional record. With four rappers all trying to outshine each other, this song could easily have been a messy endeavour. Instead, it ended up being one of the most exciting songs the Pro Era producer/artist had ever released. Once he announced the featured guests to the world, anticipation started to build before the cut finally dropped one year ago. It's still one of the dopest songs of 2018 and recently, we had Powers in the office to break down the creation of "Please Forgive."

At first, the beatmaker explains that he started off with a completely different melody before stumbling upon the primary chords used in "Please Forgive." Right when he found that melody, he knew that it would be his project's lead single and that's when he started reaching out to his buddies. 

Right off the bat, Powers knew that Denzel Curry needed to be on the song. After writing his verse in ten minutes, Curry killed his section in one take before the Pro Era star realized he needed more fire. "Then I was like, you know who else would sound dope on this shit? IDK," he said. "So I hit up IDK, he pulled up and did a fucking crazy fire verse. That shit is mad long, mad fire. He unlocked another level."

Then, he sent the beat to ZillaKami, who he didn't hear back from for a while. Flatbush Zombies made their way out to the studio to check it out and Zombie Juice messed with it so he hopped on. Finally, Zilla sent his verse back and history was made.

Watch the new episode of Behind The Beat above and revisit the song below.

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