Last year, Post Malone circled the charts with gasoline in a pattern the shape of twin B's and lit a match. Though the project itself suffered from a slight case of bloat, not unlike one who abused the beerbong one night prior, it revealed a young hitmaker on the verge of hitting his full potential. And should that moment arise, the pop charts may never be the same. Evidently, Posty has been a busy boy of late, as evidenced by a lengthy message from manager and close friend Dre London.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Though his manager by trade, London's loyalty transcends that of an employee. Thus, his words resonate in a purer fashion, making them all the more intriguing. "So proud of how focused you been this past month," writes Dre, addressing Posty. "Grindin all day & night to finish the new album during the only time we could finish it. Your booked up for rest of the year but guess what you finished and now it’s about to be out this year! I knew we could do it! knew we would need you to show serious hunger/focus to really get it over the finish line in time!"

True, some might express reservation at how Post balanced tour life with recording an album, but Dre assures the masses that Posty is more musically sharp than ever before. Listening to some of the songs right now! Such a Masterpiece/Timeless Project! Cant wait for it to drop on that special date & rest of the [World] get to hear it." 

What do you think? Are you excited to catch some new Post Malone music?