Grapevine, Texas native and devout Dallas Cowboys fan Post Malone has some opinions on Ezekiel Elliott's suspension from the NFL. The running back was suspended for 6 games after his ex-girlfriend Tiffany Thompson reported 5 instances of domestic violence at the hands of Elliott. He was not charged, but the allegations were deemed a violation of the league's conduct policy. After a long process of appeals and hearings, the suspension finally took effect over the last 6 weeks.

When approached by a TMZ photographer, Post argued that the NFL "fucked over" Elliott, and should have been more steadfast with their decision. "Listen, we're winning without Zeke," he said. "I think they really fucked over Zeke. I think everybody feels the same way. Make up your mind. Let him play or don't. Don't play like a cat with a yarn ball. Let him play or don't."

The rapper did not offer any opinion on the domestic abuse allegations themselves. For the most part, he was concerned about the team, who he believes will win the SuperBowl. "Whatever, we're gonna kick some ass," he said. "Cowboys, we're taking it all the way this year." Watch the clip above.

Post has a familial connection to the Cowboys. The rapper moved to Texas at age nine when his father became the manager of concessions for the team.

On Monday, Elliott attended his first practice with the team since his suspension. He will play with the Cowboys for the first time in 6 weeks in this Sunday's home game against the Seattle Seahawks.