Rappers have probably never had more influence on American culture than they do now. Drakecoins slang words that eventually become recognized by Webster, and Obama addresses Kanye West's presidential candidacy. Jeezy's "My President" became not just a hood anthem, but a nationally imperative hip hop track that is forever preserved alongside Obama's run into presidency. Rap music doesn't belong exclusively to the streets of the inner city anymore; it is one of the more influential components of our culture.

Because of rap's influence, every time a rapper comments on the upcoming presidential election, it's a pretty important tabloid. Lil B made headlines in just about every national news source when he decided to endorse Bernie Sanders. Just a couple days ago, Pharrell's name was attached to Hillary Clinton after he endorsed her. Of course, Donald Trump's name has been the subject of many rap lines as well, albeit mostly for his cash flow and NOT for his political ethos.

Following last night's democratic debate, we've decided to gather up some information as to what rappers have been saying about three of the major political candidates: Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump.