Producer Pi'erre Bourne continues to work on his solo music while maintaining a hand in the production of other's-- namely, the artist he broke out with, Playboi Carti. The producer helped Carti launch into stardom thanks to his "Magnolia" beat off Carti's much-anticipated self-titled debut project, and it looks like they'll be attempting to recreate that success on Carti's next release.

Playboi Carti was originally announced as a special guest on Big Sean's tour, which has since been delayed, so perhaps like Big Sean, Carti too will be hibernating in the studio instead. Back in December, Carti confirmed he was indeed in "album mode," with Pi'erre now echoing and re-confirming that fact thanks to a tweet he sent out over the weekend.

There doesn't appear to be a timeline in place for said album, however, if there's one thing we now know about it, it's that it's "so fye" (bruh). That's all we need to know, really, at least for now. And the fact that Pi'erre Bourne is having a hand in it.

We've had both Pi'erre and Playboi in our On The Come Up video series, so if you happened to miss their interviews in previous seasons, catch up below.

Who's ready for an album from Playboi Carti?