Playboi Carti's had a pretty massive year. The rapper dropped off his self-titled debut mixtape and launched into another level of stardom with the success of "Magnolia" and other singles of the project. It seems unfair to say that he's been milking the project throughout the year, he's still been locking in a lot of time in the studio. The rapper's popped up on a few guest verses here and there but everybody's been wondering what the next step for him is. 

In a video posted to social media, Playboi Carti is seen behind a soundboard in the studio while smoke drifts around his face. The caption on the video reads, "Album Mode." So for anyone looking for a new project from the Atlanta native, it seems he's working extra hard to make that happen for you. There hasn't been much more information pertaining to his debut album but we're sure he'll have some of his prominent rap friends poppin' by for some sort of assistance on it.

Aside from his debut album, the rapper is currently embarking on his "The 16*29" tour which was initially supposed to be a co-headliner alongside Lil Uzi Vert. However, Uzi ended up dropping out of it in order to "focus." Regardless, Carti will be wrapping up the tour on December 21st in Boston, just in time for the holidays. And he and Lil Uzi Vert seem to still have their eyes set on their collaborative project after their song "Squad" leaked on the internet.

Check the clip below: