T.I. uploaded a photo of himself and two fellow Atlanta rappers ahead of the Super Bowl in what seemed to be an attempt to bring attention to the halftime show's failure to represent the host city's music scene completely. "These faces along with a host of others (that look like US) laid the foundation for the infrastructure/artistic ecosystem you now know as Atlanta," he said in reference to himself along with Jeezy and Ludacris. His caption goes on to explain why anything that goes on musically needs their stamp of approval since they run the city.

Pastor Troy took this post personally, despite T.I.'s mention of the "host of others" who are part of this powerful group. He uploaded a version of the post with a piece of his mind. "I sit Back and see all this stuff on IG and Laugh," he wrote in the caption. "Y’all see them and Think whatever Y’all May, I see them and Say, “I’m on All 3 of Their FIRST Album...So who am I to This CITY?!!!!” I didn’t call nobody to get on they albums, They Peopled Called Me..."

He continues, saying that he was the one to open "All The Doors For ATL Gangsta Rap Scene Today." His message concluded with the demand for respect.