Papoose is one happy hubby. No assertion of dominance will ever dissuade the best hubby/father in that order, to his prized wife Remy Ma. To mark the occasion of Remy's parole being lifted, Papoose took to Instagram at the top of his lungs. For those who don't know, Remy Mas has been on parole for the past 5 years, after 6 on the inside for her role in a 2017 shooting.

Papoose documented the scene: husband and wife singing along to Frankie Beverly and Maze’s seminal hit "Before I Let Go." Before it ever came that, Remy Ma was on social media herself, counting down the minutes and days until FREEDOM- in a densely-packed remix of "Old Town Road" by you know whom.

Captioned beside the video reel was a message of eternal commitment, from hubby to wife. And they lived happily ever after!" Papoose wrote 
"#blacklove Off papers The #queen." Within minutes of posting, a good number of Remy fan accounts flooded the scene, in "full devotion" to their empress from outside of Pap's protective shield. Unlike Papoose, who after years of biding his time in silence, finally to got to see his wife unshackle herself, of the only remaining condition on her rap sheet. In a subsequent Insta post, Papoose stopped to thank the other people that helped in holding him/her down throughout the process.