O.J. Simpson seems to think the current state of the U.S. is reminiscent of the beginnings of Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

Following the tragic mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio over the weekend, Simpson took to social media to share his thoughts, including how a History Channel program about Nazi Germany reminded him of today's United States.

"I want to start by sending my condolences to El Paso and Ohio," Simpson opened in the video posted on his Twitter page. "Man, it's horrible, all Americans should be affected by this."

"Recently, I was watching a show on the History Channel about Germany in the '30s and how they came out of the Great Depression. They were effected as much as anyone, mainly because of the sanctioned placed on them because of World War I, deservedly so."

"In any event, they came flying out of that depression and they building roads ... affordable cars for all Germans ... and they were working. Their factories were booming. Now we know they were building U-boats and tanks."

"In any event, their economy was booming. Then they added something, they added hatred. Hatred for a people, for a race of people, and for a religion. And we know what that led to."

Simpson added (H/T Yahoo Sports):

"What's amazing, is when the war was over, how many Germans said they didn't know the atrocities were taking place? I guess they were too blinded by the economy.

"Now, in America, our economy is booming — thank God, love it. What else is booming? Hatred. To me, anyone who is not speaking out loudly against the ideology that these people have that are committing these crimes, against the guns that are being used for the crimes, if they're not against it, they must be for it."

"Booming economy. Hatred. Sounds familiar."