Fans have always been looking forward to new music from OG Maco but unfortunately, it doesn't seem to come as often as we'd like these days. Over the years, he's been extremely vocal about the music industry and the politics that goes on behind it. However, OG Maco took to social media to reveal that he'll be stepping back from the rap game once and for all.

OG Maco took to Twitter to announce that he'll be retiring from music indefinitely. "I have to focus on my soul and enjoy my peace as a human being." The rapper wrote before adding, "This is something I’ve been deciding for a while and the reason I haven’t dropped a project in quite some time."

The rapper also hit his Instagram Story to give his fans a bit more insight on his decision to retire.

"This isn't coming from a bad place but after this year, I will no longer continue being OG Maco. I have given all I can give as OG Maco and I'm thankful for everything that you all have given me, but I want to be human again. I'm tired of being a product."

Thankfully, he plans on releasing everything that's in his vault to his stash. He revealed that he's just waiting for covers and then he'll be adding them to streaming platforms.