Yesterday, one of the game's OGs checked in for a public service announcement. Layzie Bone, representing the legendary collective Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, had a few choice words for the Migos camp. Clearly, Layzie was not fond of the Migos' tendency to repeatedly declare themselves the "biggest group ever," with seemingly little regard for those who paved the way. As the Bone ambassador sees it, the Thugs-N-Harmony brand remains a dominant force.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

"We the best, you dig? The biggest that ever done it," says Layzie. "Also we think it's some other n***as like OutKast, NWA, EPMD and Beastie Boys that did big things in this game that could also claim that, but uh, we the best. Migos sit down, we gon shut ya'll down for 2019. Ya'll lil n***as talk too much."

Of course, Offset wasted little time in clapping back, seemingly taking offense to Layzie's G-check. The rapper took to IG to clown on Layzie's net worth, as if he's not still collecting "Crossroads" royalties. "Old n***a ain't got a M for a thousand! Who wanna bet LOL," writes Offset, having a laugh at the Bone Thug rapper's expense. 

It's sad to see one of the game's best young groups at odds with one of the genre's best groups, yet such is the way of the road. Perhaps the rappers can indeed find common ground; after all, one might even say that you can hear a little bit of Bone Thugs influence in the Migos flow. Where do you stand on this one?