It's no secret that Migos have taken to declaring themselves the biggest rap group ever; sometimes, they forego "rap" altogether, placing themselves at the top of the historical heap. Yet Migos' run has been relatively young, and a few legends have since taken issue with their confident stance. The most recent to speak up is Layzie Bone, a member of the legendary collective Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. 

"What's happening man, L-Burner aka Layzie Bone in the building, representing that Bone Thugs-N-Harmony," says Layzie Bone, in a message to the people. "It's a lot of things going out here. Young n***as talking about how they the king of RnB. Young n***as talking about how they the best group ever. Best rap group ever, whatever they said. I'm just here to set the record straight."

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

He proceeds to drop the hammer: "Bone Thugs-N-Harmony we still all five live, baby.  Krayzie, Bizzy, Wish, Flesh and myself Layzie Bone. We the best, you dig? The biggest that ever done it. Also we think it's some other n***as like OutKast, NWA, EPMD and Beastie Boys that did big things in this game that could also claim that, but uh, we the best. Migos sit down, we gon shut ya'll down for 2019. Ya'll lil n***as talk too much."

On a similar note, we've previously seen Migos respectfully checked by yet another OG in the game: Turk, of the Hot Boys. The Cash Money icon previously chimed in on the narrative, stating "Maybe I heard it wrong, but ya'll are not the biggest group ever. I think ya'll are great, and ya'll are the culture, but ya'll are not the biggest group ever." This time around, Layzie seemed a little less respectful, eager to establish his dominance over the up-and-comers. For the record, Bone spent a time as true sales juggernauts. Their E. 1999 Eternal project has been certified 5x platinum in a pre-streaming era; their double album The Art Of War is currently 4x platinum. 

Knowledge and respect for hip-hop history is a must. Put some respect on the Bone Thugs handle.