On a visit across the pond to perform at a sell-out show in London, Migos passed by Tim Westwood's radio show. The veteran interviewer touched on many topics before asking Offset about his rumored romance with New York rapper Cardi B.

"What's the situation," Westwood asks Offset. Even Takeoff and Quavo turned toward him, waiting for an answer. Offset just stared at Westwood with a knowing smirk.

"Shoutout Cardi B man, wassup," Quavo said cutting through the tense silence. The trio then performed an ad lib, riffing off Cardi and Offset's collaboration "Lick." Westwood persisted though asking, "Any romance?"

Quavo sang "romance" while Takeoff spit, "I'm married to the money coz the bitch wasn't ready," a reference to Offset's verse on Lil Yachty's "Peek a Boo." Westwood praised the hit record before delving straight back into Offset's rumored love life.

"But I think Cardi B and Migos [...] imagine the children now," he said drawing a laugh from Quavo.

"Cardi B and Migos? That's a lot of kids," Honcho said in jest. Earlier this month, Cardi was on Westwood's show, where the British DJ asked her the same questions. He was again denied a straight answer.