Offset and Cardi B are fast becoming one of hip-hop's most adorable romantic couples. He's one of the members of the genre's chart-topping trio Migos, and she recently became the first female rapper since Lauryn Hill to have an unassisted track go all the way to No. 1 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart. Despite that level of success, it doesn't seem like they're competitive with each other, which can only cement the closeness they feel towards one another. Chatting with the crew over at The Breakfast Club, Cardi went on record as saying that, "he would want me to win, to be honest with you." Though she did refrain from using the L word, telling them that she's "too gangsta to use those types of words," it's clear that both she and Offset are head over heels for each other. Those feelings were only heightened by the Migos' member's newest purchase: matching watches for he and his queen.

In a video that he shared via social media, Offset staked his claim for the title of Boyfriend of the Year after copping a set of matching iced-out watches for himself and Cardi. Glittering from top to bottom, there's some serious diamond accumulation going on with these new pieces. Based on the latter half of the video, during which Offset showcases his collection of bejeweled time tellers, it's clear he's no stranger to having some bling on his wrist. Now, he wants Cardi B's accessory game to match his, and the result was her playfully turning her head away from the camera, perhaps stifling any blushing that she felt coming. Of course, after the success of "Bodak Yellow," there's no real need for Cardi to have someone dote on her in order to wear the finer things in life, but when you're into someone, it's a nice perk to be sure.

Elsewhere in the news is the update that Migos are supposedly working on a big screen venture, which will begin with a script that is to be penned by Quavo. There's no indication of what exactly the project will consist of, but it will undoubtedly bring hoards of devoted fans into multiplexes whenever it gets released.