The ongoing battle to find out who will own the phrase "The Marathon Continues" has officially come to an end with the Crips gang realizing they had done wrong by one of their brothers. They had been embroiled in a legal war against Blacc Sam, the brother of Nipsey Hussle, in order to file a legal trademark for "The Marathon Continues." The slogan was used during Nipsey Hussle's life and when he passed away this year, it became one of the main phrases associated with his character. The Crips had tried to gain ownership of the slogan but they have officially given up and apologized to Sam and other members of Nip's family.

As reported by The Blast, the official company formed by the street gang, Crips LLC, has told the Asghedom family and Lauren London that they will not be trying to trademark the TMC phrase for future use. In addition to the surrendering of their legal battle, the Crips also "respectively vow to support the wishes of Lauren London and the Asghedom family."

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

William King Hollis, a spokesperson for the Crips, has issued the following statement: "We realize that our actions may have been offensive and we have reached out to his family, respectively Nips sister, Samantha Smith. We are deeply sorry for any disruptions and melee that the trademark acquisition may have caused to his family, friends and fans."

Hopefully, Nipsey Hussle can rest in peace now that his family will have control of his most popular slogan. The Marathon truly Continues.