Giving Nicki Minaj a Beats 1 Radio show was the best decision Apple made since inventing the iPhone. "Queen Radio" has provided us with golden moments of entertainments. It produced the meme of Nicki shouting "TO FREEDOM" when comparing herself to Harriet Tubman. There was the time Nicki invited Joe Budden to be a guest on her show, only to absolutely drag him for having spoken about her in an unfavorable manner. "Queen Radio" has often served as a platform for Nicki to call out her detractors and given all the drama that occurred in the Queendom last week, Nicki probably has some things to get off her chest when the show returns on Monday (Feb. 10). 

The 37-year-old rapper announced that "Queen Radio" will air its first episode of 2020 - which she referred to as the "NEW YORK EDITION" - at 3PM EST. She also gave a few hints regarding what the episode will entail. There will be special interviews, a cipher and giveaways. Listeners will have the chance to win pieces from her Fendi capsule collection, named "Fendi Prints On" after the "Chun-Li" lyric. One lucky fan will also be selected to be flewed out to Nicki's next show. 

Nicki teased that "YES, WE WILL GET INTO SOME THANGZ," which could only be interpreted as confirmation that she will discuss her recent spat with Meek Mill. The exes launched troubling accusations at one another on Twitter and while Nicki expressed regret for getting in that mess, she may be dipping back into it. Stay tuned and stream "Yikes"