Nicki Minaj and her former stylist Maher Jridi are still going at it in court. According to The Blast, Maher is looking to gets Nicki's case against thrown out and is calling bullshit on the whole ordeal. Apparently, Nicki sued Maher for not giving her back the money she overpaid him for a job. The "Ganja Burn" singer claimed to have been trying to collect the money for months, but Maher denies the ordeal. 

Matthew Eisman/Getty Images

The stylist denies being overpaid or a promise to even payback. Maher wants this case thrown out and his $72,000 case against the rapper to continue since he first sued Nicki for refusing to return expensive clothes he borrowed from a third party. It seems as though in 2017 Maher spent thousands on clothing items to style Nicki and he was never reimbursed. Because he never returned the clothing to a third party company, they sued him and won a $74K judgment.

Maher is suing her for refusal of pay and emotional damage. Nicki wants his case dismissed, while Maher wants her case dismissed leaving all cases wide open for the court to decide. 

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