In a few weeks, Nicki Minaj will embark on her European tour with Juice WRLD and Lil Xan. If you've ever seen Nicki live in concert, you know she gives her all every single night. There's a lot of choreography in her stage show and being a perfectionist, she wants everything to be just right. Tons of preparation goes into a successful tour and Minaj has just begun her rehearsals for the upcoming Nicki WRLD tour.

The rapper was rocking bright pastel colored hair when she posted up beside her boyfriend, Kenneth Petty, on Instagram. The first photo shows them getting pretty close while the second has the couple at a rehearsal. Petty just can't keep his hands off of his girl though, grabbing her behind in the racy pic. Tour is only two weeks away so Nicki will likely be focused on getting the product perfect for when they catch the plane. 

Minaj's relationship has been heavily criticized by fans and media alike. Petty was previously convicted of murder and sexual assault, leading many people to worry about Nicki's safety. She appears to be madly in love though and Kenneth is returning those same feelings. Considering the fact that they know each other from a long time ago, they seem to be rekindling the romance they never got to experience during their lives.