Nicki Minaj has revealed an important puzzle piece towards the eventual release of her album Queen. The cover art too graphic to display in front of children, channels the Hellenistic period of the Egyptian empire. Yes, Nicki is inferring that her supremacy as a Queen is alive and well, and to be frank, there isn't much competition at the top. So the cover idea should go unchallenged, unless someone deems it culturally offensive.

Nicki stakes her claim while posing in mere fashion accessories that leave little to the imagination. Some would even qualify her striking pose as indecent exposure. But Nicki is no stranger to half-baked nudity. There have been outings at red carpet events where she let her robust features do the talking, short of answering field reporters on the way to her seat. 

The cover art for Queen also features the perfect green screen rendering of the sunset (bright orange). The embankment of a tree feels a little out of place with all the focus on the Egyptian style guide. But Nicki moves in mysterious ways, one minute she impels momentum, then without as much as a word, she disappears. Her cover art for Queen is very much a statement of purpose, see for yourselves.