It's time for the music industry politicking to come to a halt, says Nicki Minaj. The Queen rapper was recently honored at Billboard's Women in Music event where she took home the Game-Changer Award, and in a private sit-down with the publication, she shared a few thoughts about the new generation of ladies staking their claim in hip hop.

Rich Fury / Staff / Getty Images

Nicki knows what it's like to climb through the ranks and fight for a top spot among an industry comprised of mostly men, and the Queens emcee had a bit of advice for the new women on the rise. "Recently, there have been a lot of female rappers emerging and I see that—that's a really positive change, it's going in a positive direction that way," Nicki said. "But what I would love to see some more of in the industry is less politics, less about who you know and more just about talent, talent, talent. I would love for rappers to be so passionate about rap that we feel it. Everyone that has just come into the game I'm proud of you guys 'cause it's not easy, and I know that, so keep on doing your thing."

For women who are struggling with their self-worth, Nicki shares that taking some time for themselves away for the noise is what she does to re-group. That may be why the rapper has decided to go on a hiatus for the time being. "I find that when there's a lot of chaos or when I'm confused about who I am or feeling low or confused," she said. "Taking time away to not be around other people and just get yourself focused, I think that's always great, and if you're an artist, that time that you spend alone reflecting, it actually helps everything else you do. Your peace is the most important thing and knowing you're beautiful and knowing you're great is extremely important. You shouldn't need anyone to tell you that. You should just know it and feel it every single day. You are that b*tch." Watch her clip with Billboard below.