Many are starting to think Nicki Minaj is going too far. The artist started acting out after her fourth studio album debuted at No.2 following Travis Scott's Astroworld. After dragging her rival and his family, along with Drake and Spotify, Nick kept up her twitter finger battle. The latest involves her comparison to the historical figure, Harriet Tubman.

Even though Minaj received a slew of critiques from her following, she isn't back peddling on her statement. When she was filmed leaving her hotel to make her way to the VMAs, she was asked about the comparative tweet. Her response was blunt, though partly aloof, before entering her car.

"I am the new Harriet Tubman."

When the implications of slavery were brought up to her, the artist dismissed the belief that the comparison was too steep. The question was, "Do you think it's a bit too far with the slave comparison to the streaming service?" The Queen rapper replied.

"No, no. I am Harriet Tubman, leave me alone"

The questions referred to one of yesterday's tweets.

"All the QUEENS I remember, SHOOK SHIT UP!!!!!!!! Queen of the week may go to HARRIET TUBMAN!!!!!! Had she just sat there & ate her rice, you nigg*z history would’ve been a lot less triumphant."