It turns out maybe Nicki Minaj didn't buy a pricey gift for Cardi B after hearing that she had given birth. First of all, congratulations to Offset and Cardi B on welcoming Kulture into the world. The baby's name has been critiqued by some and admired by others but everybody is happy that the baby is healthy. Until a few moments ago, it was reported that Nicki Minaj had extended an olive branch to Cardi, somewhat unusual considering their questionable history, gifting the rapper with a $5K gift basket for baby Kulture. While the gesture would have been absolutely commendable, it turns out it was fake news.

According to TMZ, Cardi saw the reports and decided to have her team call up Petit Trésor, the shop the basket was reportedly purchased at, to get the tracking information. With there only being one location in West Hollywood, Bardi's team came to the realization that Nicki never actually bought the gift. It's been getting difficult to keep track of what she's received since she's gotten tons of presents after giving birth. The store's owner gave them the unfortunate news that Nicki had not purchased anything from the shop. 

With the two having had a mild beef earlier in the year, it was surprising, and great to hear that Nicki was trying to amend their relationship. However, it looks as though there's still some bad blood.