When Cardi B announced the news that she had given birth to her baby girl earlier this morning, many were surprised to hear her name announced right away. Constantly elevating the culture, Migos member Offset had to have had a heavy influence on naming his daughter. Firstly, she takes after her father already by way of her middle name, Kiari, which is Offset's given name. Secondly, her name is literally "Kulture." As in a modified version of the title of the last two Migos projects. With many embracing the name choice since, after all, it's not Apple or Jermajesty, just as many fans have been criticizing Cardi and Offset's decision.

Although it's really not anybody's place to judge the parent's choice of baby name, Twitter did just that and they came with the jokes. Comparing Kulture's full name to a spell out of Harry Potter, many are afraid to even attempt to speak it aloud for fear of unintentionally levitating. Others used everybody's favorite five-year-old Cardi B photo to create some more meme magic out of the announcement. Regardless of how people have reacted to the news, congratulations are definitely in order to Cardi and Offset on the birth of their first child together.

Check out some of the best tweets below and let us know if we missed any. How did you react when you heard the news?