Netflix's ascent to global dominance has allowed the streaming service continually rack up millions of new subscribers whilst increasing their cultural capital. On the business end, the company has seen their market value grow exponentially with each passing day. According to a new financial analysis, Netflix's valuation has surpassed Comcast's, one of the leading broadcasting and cable television conglomerates in the world. 

Netflix concluded Wednesday's day of trading with a stock price of $344.72, effectively augmenting their market cap to the tune of $152.8 billion. In comparison, Comcast's market cap was valued at $147.15 billion, which sees its online competitor besting their more traditional opponent by over $5 billion. During the same timeframe, Disney ended with a market cap of $153.36 billion, which narrowly edges out Netflix by a slight $500 million.

The streaming company's stock rose four percent after it was announced they would be partnering up with Michelle and Barack Obama for a production deal.