If you were looking for a modern-day dance flick that follows a group of ladies looking to get some kind of revenge by busting out some crazy moves, then look no further. 

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Netflix has released the official trailer for Step Sisters that follows a young black woman who's guaranteed admission to Harvard, as long as she teaches a group of white sorority women how to dance, as a way to steer them away from crazy drunken nights.

Early reactions to the film received some backlash for cultural appropriation and major stereotypes that led the lead actress, Megalyn Echikunwoke, to defend the movie and what it really stands for. 

"I think people will come away being pleasantly surprised that the take-away message is actually the opposite of white people culturally appropriating the black culture," she said. "The messages are a lot different, and a lot more profound."

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Check out the trailer below. What do you guys think?