In November of last year a Jane Doe from Essex, England sued Nelly for sexually assaulting her claiming the singer masturbated in front of her and forced himself on her. The "Dilemma" singer has vehemently denied the allegations and in January he flew to England to meet with cops to get his name cleared.  

TMZ now reports that after months of back and forth, Nelly's name has been cleared (for now )since Jane has not been cooperating with police. The publication details how he will no longer be questioned and actions will not be taken. The case is by no means closed, but police are no longer actively investigating until any new information comes through. 

gotpap/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Jane's attorney, Karen Koehler, explained why they have not been cooperating: "We told the Essex police we would no longer participate in their shoddy investigation and shifted our focus to the federal lawsuit where we will wait on the judge to decide that outcome." 

Nelly recently shared a statement on the case, having managed to stay quiet on the matter for so long. "Not only is this attorney continuously damaging my reputation to forge ahead with civil suits to get money, she is doing a severe disservice to women and true victims that need a safe system to report assaults against them with claims like ‘police won’t help’ and ‘botched the case.''" he wrote.